Find Your Fire

I don’t mean that internal fire of hot flushes / flashes or night sweats, oh gosh no we don’t need more of that! 

Menopause can be very generous in providing some unwelcome gifts lol, and I don’t just mean physical symptoms 

It’s really common to be feeling a bit ‘off’ and questioning yourself in many ways – your tolerance, your stamina, your confidence, your adventurous and fun side (where the heck do those go?!)

If you’ve ever said to yourself ‘something needs to change’, and then felt overwhelmed at where to start, you’re certainly not the only one.

I can’t tell you how many women have said to me they feel like menopause is changing who they are. 

Plus, getting on top of any of the physical symptoms (lethargy, sleep issues, weight), can few like an uphill battle.
Especially when you know you’ve been neglecting your own needs for a while.

I find when I’m supporting women through these problems, the real turning point for change is when we start talking about WHY it’s all changing. 

‘Cos for sure, there’s more than ‘just’ hormonal changes at work here. 
I’m not one to say ‘oh it’s because of menopause’ and leave it at that, hell no!

Which is why I’ve created the ‘Find Your Fire’ Online Workshop.

It’s all about:


  • Finding your spark again
  • Stoking your motivational fire (even if you don’t think you have one!)
  • Encouraging a sense of fun and adventure, to feel empowered and positive 
  • Feeling more like yourself, even if you’re not quite sure who that is sometimes. 

Navigating menopause is tough on your own and I’ve seen the difference the right support and guidance can make, so I’ve made this into a do-it-together event, in a small friendly group of like-minded women. 

During the online workshop, we’ll go through my four-step process together, to make it easy and insightful (plus lots of opportunities to ask questions as we go).

Find Your Fire took place on 7th April 2022 – the video recording of this workshop is available for purchase, which includes an accompanying online Guidebook and a one to one call with Angie. 

“How can I get hold of this?”

-Please click this link to request details on how to purchase the ‘find your fire’ workshop recording. 

If your confidence has taken a knock from menopause, and you’re ready to do something about it this is definitely for you. 

Truth is, it’s easier to accept your flaws when you can turn down the volume on your self-criticism.

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin, is about more than your appearance.

And being able to embrace who you’re becoming, relies on you having a choice over who that is.

‘Find Your Fire’ is for women at any stage of menopause (peri or post menopause).

If you’re tired of feeling a bit lost, a bit adrift and want to feel more confident and more like yourself again, just click the link below.