Are you the kind of woman who expects a lot from herself, you ‘want it all’,

and yet there’s still some areas where you’re not able to get the success you want?

Are you ‘all in’ on your personal development – but some areas still trip you up?

Perhaps it affects you in different ways; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

You’ve probably been feeling this way for a while, leading to overwhelm and frustration at yourself and your situation.

I know it can feel like you’re going in circles with yourself.

With this in mind, I have something new and exciting I’d love to share with you, if you’re open to receiving some soul-guided support?

I’m finding with my clients that it’s really common when we’re going through physical and internal shifts in our lives, to feel like the problems are taking over. We can get lost and weighed down by it. 

I’m blending my co-creative, intuitive abilities with my coaching and holistic therapist skills, to offer you some unique help with this. 

The Soul Nurturing Experience is for people who want to adjust more easily to the changes going on in your life, without losing sight of who you are or what you want.

It’s for people who feel stuck with a behaviour, an emotion or unwanted feeling that they struggle to accept or move through.

It’s all about moving on, moving through and feeling more aligned with who you want to be. 

Does this sound like something that might be useful for you?

If you would like to:

  • Feel less stuck, more progress
  • Find it easier to prioritise what you really need
  • Feel less weighed down
  • Experience an energy healing session utilising the quantum realm, using both Divinely-guided sound healing and solution-based coaching

And if you also consider yourself to be:

  • Spiritual
  • Ready for change
  • Ready to receive guidance and direction, to feel happier about the things that are important to you

Then I’d like to offer you my help.

I’m ready to provide a personalised sound bath (utilising healing energy), intuitively guided journaling questions, and a follow-up coaching session to really get things moving for you; all scheduled at a time to suit you. 

This is distance healing with some extra special sparkle behind it!

I am currently guided to offer the Soul Nurturing Experience to five people who meet the criteria, outlined above. 

It is understood that once the two elements have been completed (energy healing session and follow-up call), you’ll provide a testimonial and pay a fee based on the true value that this experience has provided you.


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I really want to thank you for allowing me the space and opportunity to work through this problem. We know the answers sometimes but seeing them through the perspective and lens that will allow us to really shift into an empowered action that is consecutively building on itself is some hot sauce magic right there. 

Ty Gold

The crystal bowls were amazing, I felt my heart expand and receive, my crown chakra started tingling.

I have gained more motivation, a greater sense of accomplishment.


Rachel Sabol