Angie’s simple guide to a natural menopause

Get YOUR flippin’ life back and regain control with this crazy simple guide to feeling more yourself, for free. 

Just tell me where to send it.

Menopause can be confusing, frustrating and can suck the flipping life out of you….but it doesn’t have to be this way…

Hi! I’m Angie and I help women like you take back control, gain confidence and feel inspired.  

In short, I help you feel “normal” again.

Oh, and don’t worry, none of my techniques involve asking Dr Google, putting magnets in your knickers (yes, really!), or forcing down 3 pints of wheatgrass shots after 10 hours of hot naked yoga.

(Don’t get me wrong, you can still do those if you like… 😀)

The truth is, you don’t need to take drastic measures to improve your quality of life. 

I can show you some simple, effective and natural techniques to help make you feel more “you” again – even if you can’t remember who that is, where you left your spark, or even if it’s caused by the menopause or not.

Natural techniques that can help you:

  • Get more energy – without having to stock up on super-strong Espresso.
  • Lose weight – without starving yourself miserable on extreme diets or having to run for 3 hours a day.
  • Reduce anxiety and irritability – without resorting to emotional binge eating. 
  • Feel happy within yourself – without feeling like you’re battling yourself.

So, if you’re struggling with any of the above, don’t worry – I can help.

It breaks my heart to see women struggle on their own with these issues, or, even worse, get fobbed off with medical prescriptions that don’t address their true needs.

I can help you understand what’s going on and help you get back in control – in a way that’s 100% natural.

No more feeling like it’s a slog to get things done or like you’re going crazy.

I do what I do so women like you can return to feeling like YOU again. 

Yes, that’s right…

It IS possible to feel like “YOU” again…

…and I can show you how!