About Me

Hi I’m Angie. Menopause Coach, menopause in the workplace consultant, collector of house plants, avid trail runner, and founder of the ‘finding yourself in menopause’ online community.


Back in 2016, when I first started talking publicly about menopause at events, or when meeting new health coaching clients, I would often introduce myself by saying this little speech:


“Hi I’m Angie, I help people get through menopause… but nobody asks me about menopause. What they do ask me about is how to get more energy, how they can sleep better, how to feel more ‘normal’ and do the things they’re trying to do, be the person they want to be.”


It was all true back then and most of it is still true today.

With one huge difference.

People do ask me about their menopause.

They want to know ‘am I feeling like this because of changes to hormones, or something else?’

Many of us do recognise that we’re somewhere along the timeline of menopause, even if we don’t really know where we are – ‘has really peri-menopause started? Am I at post-menopause?’

We used to have a problem of ‘not enough information’, and now, it’s very different. People are asking me to help them understand all the information out there – we’re bombarded with it!

If you’re wondering what’s relevant to you, which bits of advice you’ve heard will actually work for you, what will be effective for YOU… I can promise you, you’re not alone.

The people who seek my help are not only wanting to alleviate physical challenges such as brain fog, weight gain, low energy, poor sleep. They also talk about not feeling content in themselves, or even not liking who they’re becoming, and wanting to feel happier within themselves.

My background is scientific (BSc, MSc), and I’m certified in supporting women in the peri to post menopause journey, through the world-class training provider Burrell Education.

My experience and understanding comes from a personal level, plus scientific knowledge affords me a deep understanding of why we all need a whole body approach.

Whether you’re taking medications / hormone therapy or not, my services can assist you in finding a way forwards.


It saddens me to see women struggle on their own, or be left overwhelmed and stressed, not knowing what to do or where to start.

I walk alongside peri and post menopausal women, not only to alleviate low mood, low energy and other symptoms but to also encourage confidence in your own path forwards, with true self connection and contentment.


Need some advice? Get in touch info@angiegarton.com 


What Do I Do?

My drive and enthusiasm come from wanting to provide real support, not just information. This is why I created the Finding Yourself In Menopause online community.

Here, I share my Whole Woman Wellness method, as a way of providing a science-backed, simple and effective approach, with an emphasis on individuality and root causes.

Having been part of the increasing awareness around menopause, I’ve seen a real need for us all to feel more hopeful and less fearful about the menopause transition.

Since 2019, I have worked with a range of organisations and businesses, to help and support them in navigating menopause.
See more about workplace menopause support here.

For those who aren’t ready for direct support, there is also a self-guided printed booklet; the Womanual.

Or, get instant access to many helpful videos on my YouTube channel, and years worth of posts on my social media.


Angie Garton

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