Sound Baths

I’m Angie, menopause coach, creator of the Womanual and obsessive about helping people to feel happy and confident, no matter what crazy dance the hormones are doing.
So …what’s with the Sound Baths? 

I know it sounds a bit off-the-wall but actually, sound therapy is a perfect supplement to the soulful strategies and conversations we can have about menopause.

What’s a Sound Bath?


Well, there’s certainly no water involved, but it does feel like you’re being ‘bathed’ in sound waves, as you lie down and listen to the soothing sounds of my Himalayan and Crystal Bowls.

Sound Baths typically last around 45 minutes and are a highly effective way of telling your internal chatter to ‘shush’, so that you can experience total mind and body relaxation (even if you don’t think you can do that). 

You and I both understand how true it is that mental and emotional stress are key drivers for common struggles in menopause (e.g. sleep issues, weight gain, low energy, emotional rollercoasters).

Coming along to one of my Sound Baths (in person or online) doesn’t solve it all immediately of course, but my clients tell me they feel instant relief and benefit greatly from improved sleep, improved energy, reduced pain and feeling more at ease within themselves.

“A feeling of stress and strains leaving me, then re-energised and calm taking its place”

“So very deeply relaxing, very similar to a massage”
“Warm feelings and losing sense of time, it felt like I was floating”
“I always sleep so well after this”
It’s become such a key part of how I support my clients to feel more in control, happy and confident, that we schedule regular Sound Bath sessions in the membership group known as Menopause Done Naturally VIP. I also had regular sessions in person (for groups and individuals), in the Edinburgh and East Lothian areas.


I’m trained in BAST method (British Academy of Sound Therapy) using their scientific and well researched approaches, to provide sessions designed to induce mind-body relaxation.

Please see the events page, or get in touch if you would like to enquire about experiencing this for yourself.


Angie Garton