The Womanual

A down-to-earth guide to help you understand your menopause symptoms and get back to feeling like the ‘normal’ you.

Simple tips to help you thrive, not just survive your peri-menopause and menopause years.

Plus science-backed strategies you can easily adopt into your daily life, so you can navigate menopausal changes naturally without resorting to hormone treatments.

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Hi, I’m Angie Garton, author of The Womanual,

I’m not against medication, however, it saddens me that for so many women, medication is often the first and only option offered to them, when they seek help for menopause symptoms from their GP. 

I’ve lost count of the number of women who have said to me, ‘my GP just asked “Do you want HRT or antidepressants?”’. End of conversation. 

Truth is, your menopause symptoms can make you feel as if you’re ill. Low moods, loss of motivation, weight gain, tiredness, and constantly feeling off kilter are no laughing matter. However, these symptoms often don’t respond very well to the prescription-based ways of treating disease that GP’s traditionally recommend. 

And increasingly, the women I work with want to take back ownership of their bodies, and explore the options within their own control which can have lasting positive effects on their menopause experience.  

They just need the right guidance to help them do so…

Here’s the thing. You CAN reduce your menopause symptoms by making certain simple and straightforward adjustments (not huge life changes!) to what you’re already doing. 

And that’s what I’ve laid out in The Womanual. 

Here’s a taster of what’s included: 

What the menopause is, what to expect, and an explanation of all the symptoms laid out in simple terms (including the lesser-known ones many women don’t associate with the menopause)

The role hormones play in menopause, and how your symptoms are about more than individual hormones

How food choices play a major part in how well we cope with menopause, plus a handy guide on which foods will help balance your hormones

Hormone-friendly exercises to reclaim your health and wellbeing, even on the days when you don’t feel like exercising

Why menopause affects your mood, emotions and motivation (hint, your willpower isn’t ‘broken!), and simple strategies to stay help you stay positive and confident

Easy conversation-starters to help your loved ones understand what you’re going through and support you, so you don’t have to struggle alone

BONUS: A cheat-sheet summary of all my best menopause tips so you can stay on track no matter how busy life gets!

“I was literally side swiped by some extreme symptoms of peri menopause. Two weeks of chronic night sweats & random dark thoughts every day, brain fog so thick it’s a miracle I managed to get out of the house.

Then I found Angie & her book The Womanual.

And life changed.

My attitude changed.

My diet changed.

My experience changed.

And today I’m empowered & super excited about Menopause!”

– N.Marsh

The Womanual is not medical advice but is written using credible sources of information, backed up by my years of knowledge as a trained health professional.

It’s designed to help you…

Be better informed about the menopause, without the overwhelm of having to rely on Dr Google

Feel reassured about what to expect, and how you can help yourself, so you can avoid the worst symptoms

Easily implement natural solutions to reduce low moods, hot sweats, tiredness, weight gain, irritability and brain fog

Here’s what women are saying about The Womanual

I find simply having one relevant resource most helpful. I found it all really interesting

I think it is excellent. Well-written, clear and helpful. Good job

Would You Recommend the Womanual?:
“Absolutely. Super helpful. Completely turned my symptoms around. 
100% yes! “

I help women who are feeling a bit lost and confused about the menopause and need some simple and effective help and support, so they can feel more like themselves again.

I’m trained to help women through peri to post-menopause, using food, exercise, mindset, and completely natural strategies proven to help with issues such as weight gain, disturbed sleep, hot sweats, irritability, low energy and low confidence. 

Many women are fearful of perimenopause and menopause. I make sure it’s less daunting and scary than most believe it to be. With plenty of support you can have your life back without it being sabotaged by something that feels out of your control.

Angie Garton

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve read a lot of stuff online that hasn’t really helped me. How do I know this will be any different?

I know, right? Searching for help with PMT, brain fog, tiredness, hot sweats, anxiety, low moods, often  leads to blogs and articles written by people who want to help, but don’t always know what they’re talking about. Or, it just becomes too confusing to really know what’s applicable to you, personally. 

I’ve spent years training, researching and teaching this to other ladies. I give talks and run groups (in-person and online). I know what works – and what doesn’t – because I’m there, working with ladies, just like you, every single week.

In the short time it’s been available, I’ve sold over 100 Womanuals and have received some amazing testimonials from ladies whose lives have been changed by using it. I’ve added a few of those, below.

I already take HRT  / x y z supplement, but I’m still struggling with a few issues like weight gain and low moods. Is the Womanual still applicable to me?

Absolutely. Those things will enhance the information and advice I’m giving you in the Womanual, I’m certainly not trying to replace your doctor. 

I’m not against medication at all, I’ve taken anti-depressants in the past, I completely understand what it feels like to just want to be ‘fixed’. 

Whilst there’s no ‘single solution’ that will immediately stop all your problems (not even HRT will do that), there are some really effective (completely natural and safe) strategies that will help to alleviate the symptoms, no matter what you’re currently doing towards that. 

I’m concerned I’ll have to buy loads of organic food, or make huge changes to my life.

Don’t worry, I’m not the type of woman to be dishing out wheatgrass shots whilst doing hot naked yoga (no offence meant at all). This is a down to earth, practical and no bs approach (backed by science). In the book, I explain in real terms what it’s all about, what to expect, and what will really help you to get through it, to thrive and not just survive – without asking you to buy anything out of the ordinary. 

Many women are turning to the natural and holistic way, but need some help in what this actually looks like. You don’t need to make huge changes to your life, in order to feel better and more like yourself.


I just want to feel better / reduce the anxiety / stop the hot sweats / feel less all over the place. Will it help me do that, to feel more normal again?

I can’t promise it’s going to solve all your problems, but this is the easiest way to get my knowledge in helping with ‘doing menopause naturally’, so that you can feel more like yourself again. 

Every woman’s experience is slightly different, we don’t all experience the same symptoms. However, there are some strategies which have been shown to have a positive impact on all women. 

These are provided across 6 easy to read chapters, with a bonus section at the end to summarise all my best tips.

Could I find all this online for free?

I’m sure that’s possible, but that would likely take ages and I don’t feel comfortable about that. I know how difficult it can be to determine if what you’re reading is really true, or if it’s going to work for you. 

The Womanual is intended to be a ‘beginner’s guide’ for peri-menopause, to understand what’s going on and what you can do about it, in a practical and completely natural way.

It is not medical advice but is written using credible sources of information, by a trained health professional.


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