I really love to talk about menopause and natural health.

Doesn’t everyone?!

Yeah, yeah, I know… talking about the menopause can make some people squirm more than getting caught eating the kid’s crisps.

I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve learned how to talk about “it” in a way that not only makes everyone feel at ease, but also makes them laugh and smile too – while giving out lots of useful advice.

I also run “Menopause Mingles” – workshops that support and bring together like-minded women. It’s nothing formal or scary – just a safe, welcoming place where ladies can share experiences, ask questions and discuss solutions.

You can find out more details of future “Mingles” by clicking here.

Other people often ask me to speak at their events or workplaces. I know – it surprised me too! 

Just in case that would be useful to you, I’ve given some examples of how this could work below.

If you’re interested in learning more about my ‘doing menopause naturally’ talk, click here. 

I’d love to have a chat to see how I can help.

(Don’t worry about your location, I’ll either come to you or we can find a way around it with technology – I have two baked bean tins and a loooooong piece of string!)

Upcoming Events

Friday 16th July 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Pilates Attic, Edinburgh

Menopause Mingle and Sound Bath (£30)

Email Angie to book (7 tickets available)

Join us for an uplifting evening of discussion and relaxing soundscapes, to unwind and feel supported – even if you’ve never taken part in anything like this before!

The focus of this Menopause Mingle will be on hormonal mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, low confidence. 

Let me guide you through some simple solutions to these common mental and emotional challenges.

This event is suitable for women of all ages and experience, you can take part in as much or as little of the discussion as you wish to. 

Sound baths are a great way to let your body and mind unwind, relax, enjoy some inner calm, without having to make any effort, at all.

Sunday 11th July 09:30 – 17:30 at Lindor Curative Forest, Fife 

Nurturing our Nature – a one day forest retreat (£145)

A collaborative event, led by:

Angie Garton, Susan Brown (Holistic Health and Happiness Practitioner), Rory MacPhee, (Stewart of Lindor, Forest Guide and Boatbuilder)

Angie, Susan and Rory will open up your understanding of menopause and midlife transition, silent counselling and being present within a magnificent forest. 

This retreat is best suited to women who feel a bit lost in themselves, for those embracing empowerment, confidence, positivity and acceptance of Self.

7 tickets available

Booking is via:

The Nature Therapy Counsel Limited

07800 869626


Previous Events

Peri-menopause Wander (collaboration with WanderWomen Scotland), April and June 2021 (next one in September)

Return With Resilience – Menopause Workshops, March 2021

Online Winter Sanctuary (collaboration with Carolin Phipps-Urch), November 2020

Menopause workshop (via skype) for Franklin Templeton Investments, May 2020

Podcast guest on Author Your Life with David McCrae June 2020

Webinar for clients of Laura and Barry Ash (Rock Solid Ltd) February 2020

Reinventing You (Edinburgh) February 2020 

Nutrition speaker for Menopause Retreats (East Lothian) February 2020

Leith Pilates – guest speaker at ‘pilates and beyond’ 2019

Menopause Mingles across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Essex 2019

Art of Zen Wellness Retreat (guest speaker) – Edinburgh 2019

Edinburgh Gossip Girls (EGG) – 2018

Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival (guest speaker) 2018

Menopause Workshop at the Barefoot Sanctuary, East Lothian 2018

Detox Healthy Beauty, East Lothian 2018 and 2019

Menopause Cafe – Edinburgh 2017, 2018

Pout Show, Edinburgh 2015

Edinburgh Fit Festival 2014, 2015