Wise Eating

You know you’re done with diets, but something does need to change.

Food and nutrition is such an important part of feeling more in control of menopause symptoms, although it’s not about ‘just eat healthy’ – that’s far too general for us now.

Neither is it about trying to keep up with keto, fasting, or trying to make a dozen different family meals to keep everyone happy.

I want to help you understand exactly how you can make food choices to change how you feel in menopause.

Not just to improve weight or energy levels, but how to improve brain fog, sleep, anxiety, and how it all affects your motivation to stay on track.

Wise Eating is accessed on a dedicated website where this information is organised into short chapters which include text and short videos. There’s no deadline or expiry date – it’s yours to keep forever.

This is what I call a DIY course (but not of the home improvement kind), you do it yourself, but I’m there as an instruction manual …hmm perhaps I need to update that analogy?!
Ok, it’s Netflix style.

I’ll be there ready to guide you, every time you open up the course. Angie-on-demand lol.

Wise Eating is a simple and effective way of updating your knowledge of food to take menopause into consideration, so you can feel more energy, a better sense of wellbeing now and for the future, even if you struggle with low motivation.


“I really like how it’s set out. Straightforward and easy to put to use. I was worried I’d have to go really strict with food as I don’t do well on diets ha. ”

“I generally felt ok about what I should be eating, I think I wanted the reassurance that I was on the right track… and to know what else I could do. Definitely more confident now.”

“Good to have all of Angie’s food advice in one place. I honestly wasn’t sure I needed this course but just goes to show there was still something for me to learn. That first video was an eye opener!”