Menopause in the Workplace

Hi I’m Angie, I’ve been helping people to feel more informed about menopause, since 2016.  


Alongside one to one coaching and group workshops, I also work with many large and small organisations to raise awareness, provide opportunities for discussion and address the need for appropriate ‘workplace menopause’ training and resources.

I provide bespoke services to my corporate clients – whether that’s a single session, a series of workshops, or a long-term project to provide standalone resources as well as facilitating valuable discussion. 

Previous clients include…

Midlothian Council, Franklin Templeton, Serco Group, Cornerstone, Kennet Leasing, The Confidence Coach, Scottish Investment Operations, Making Work Work.

As a Specialist Associate Consultant of the People Portfolio, I have taken the lead on providing menopause services to Cornerstone for their two year Menopause Awareness Project This work has involved; consultation on the creation of a new menopause policy, providing online resources to support all staff, and delivering group training).

Is your workplace getting left behind, or are you ready to embrace the conversation about menopause in a way that is professional, aligned with your organisation, and actually useful to all staff?

If you’re ready to have a conversation about it, get in touch with Angie:

When we make space for discussion, for sharing the important aspects and working together to realise our strengths and how we can influence others to join the debate, the solutions come on their own.


Angie Garton