(August 2021)

It’s one of the most common phrases I hear;
“I just want to feel like the old me again”

Some women tell me they feel lost, drifting 
Many more women tell me they feel tired. 
Physically and mentally ‘tired in my bones’ and also ‘tired of’ doing all the things,
So yeah, no wonder you want to go back to how things were.

Now,  I know you value honesty and you’re willing to face facts, especially when there is guidance involved and not just cold reality.
If you’ve heard yourself saying ‘I just want to feel like the old me again’, and you’re also ready for my advice, then here it is…

Hormones have an influence on so many of the internal processes in your body/mind, I know you know that.
With hormonal shifts affecting neurotransmitters in the brain, and those shifts feeling unpredictable, of course you want to go back.

Most women tell me they ‘just know’ things are different inside, because they feel it. 

Thing is, trying to be the person you were, do the things you did in the way you did in your 30’s and early 40’s, without any respect for the shifts and changed going on inside? -it would literally be like swimming against the tide.
Doesn’t mean you can’t feel better, though. A lot better.

I’m certainly not advocating ‘getting old before your time’. 
I am definitely encouraging you to honour the changes that are happening now, and will continue to happen. 

There will always be change, in life and in your body.

I see these peri menopause years as a direct invite from Mother Gaia, to readjust, revise, reconsider what’s going on for you and why.
Allow her that invite, really look at it, consider what it could provide you with rather than what might be taken away.
Confidence, intuition, motivation, truly loving yourself,
It’s all there for the taking, when you know how.

Hey, I know it sounds a bit fanciful, but of all the women I’ve helped over the years, it’s the ones who are able to make these course corrections and adjustments
(to what they’re doing, to who they’re being),
the ones who start to take a deeper view of how to respect this time for themselves, 
they’re the ones who tell me how much better they feel.
They’re the ones I get messages from, to tell me how things are so much different for them now.
Not because they feel exactly the same as they used to, but because they’ve decided who they want to be.

Feeling better and more yourself is about allowing the change, not battling against it. 
It’s about understanding what’s happening and knowing what you can do. 
Don’t underestimate the confidence that can come from knowing you’re on the right path, in all ways. Personally, physically, mentally, nutritionally, spiritually.
How you feel, it’s not just about the hormones. 

We used to call it ‘the change’ here in the UK, and whilst I prefer to give ourselves the correct terminology, the concept is still true.
It is a time of change, of course it is. 
But all too often, it’s talked about in terms of unruly, unmanageable change.
Yeah, there is some of that involved but also, let’s not downplay the changes we can make ourselves.

In a body (and a life) that is constantly changing, feeling more ‘you’, isn’t necessarily about going back to how things were.
Rarely will anyone hold the same beliefs, values, goals and dreams their entire life. 
You change, you upgrade.
You’ve changed, you see, in so many ways. 

I know these current changes you’re going through aren’t all desirable or of your own choosing, but they do provide an opportunity.
To get really super clear on what’s important to you.
And oh my, what a platform on which to dive off, to live the next chapter of your life.

Honour this by serving yourself a huge slice of well deserved self-compassion.
And then by slowly and steadily making some decisions about your current direction – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
What’s right for you – now, at this time?
(we’ve been looking at this in more detail over in my membership group, get in touch if you want the details).

I know you just want to feel normal, more like you again.

If you’ve had enough of trying to make sense of it all on your own, get in touch.
Let’s take it step by step, together.