The 10 best things about menopause

Yes really.


Menopause has for too long been characterised by the words ‘loss’ and ‘decline’.


I want to push the pendulum the other way, to point out what you can gain – in a great way – from going through menopause*


*results may vary.

Of course, we all go through our own individual experience.

With this blog, I’m intending to highlight what can go really well for us when we’re acting on our needs – physically, mentally, spiritually.

I’m writing this from some personal experience (currently at peri menopause) but mostly from the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with clients.


1.) You become your own Wise Woman, the Elder. Nobody can dispute the wisdom and life experience you’ve gained.


2.) More fire in your belly on what really matters to you and what you’re willing to let slide (or not slide) – no more nonsense, lots more fortitude!


3.) You can ditch the patriarchal driven values that say our usefulness to the world is attached to youth and an ability to bear children. At menopause, we can have unequivocal say over our own worth, and we express it however we choose.


4.) You know who you are, what you need, what you want and what you’re capable of. It’s driven by curiosity rather than a need to please or fulfill the requirements of others.


5.) Stronger friendships and sisterhoods, as you find the people who really get you, and who you really want to be around.


6.) For those that require contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, you can look forward to ditching them! (please still practise safe-sex though)


7.) Plants. You gain loads more house plants. A near obsession with house plants (or is that just me?!)


8.) You end up adapting and amending your boundaries to reflect who you are, now. Physical, emotional, mental boundaries. It’s easier to say ‘no’ or ‘let me get back to you’ – far easier than ever before!


9.) You gain even more self respect, as you review who you’ve been and all that you’ve been through. Along with thousands of moments to practise self compassion and kindness.


10.) Freedom from periods, and period products, the dreaded leaking and the worry that comes with perching on a pale coloured sofa.


What would you add?

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