Not many women ask me about menopause directly, but they do ask me about;

-how to get rid of the uncomfortable weight around the middle,

-how to sleep through the night,

-how to have more energy,

-how to stop feeling such rage and irritation

So we could say, it’s not menopause itself that’s the problem, it’s the symptoms that are associated with it.

Especially when we really get talking about what’s really going on, namely:

-Not feeling attractive and worrying that your partner feels the same way

-Hating yourself and who you’re becoming (my client’s words, not mine)

-Fearful that it’s only going to get worse / not knowing when it’s going to improve

-Losing confidence

-A dwindling interest in the things that used to bring joy and pleasure

-Feeling lost within yourself

-Worrying about heart and brain health (that HRT is often said to solve)

I can help you with all those things, in our online community (Finding Yourself In Menopause)

But there’s another problem.
Because when we talk about symptoms, there’s a tendency to talk a lot about hormones, the decline, the changes, the deficiencies, the imbalances.

Which is fine, but the thing is – if I only focus on the hormones with a client, the symptoms will persist and she will NEVER feel the way she really wants to about herself.

How can this be true?

Allow me to introduce to you, the four most dangerous words….

“It’s. Not. That. Bad”

Why so dangerous?

Because those four little words keep you stuck in the concentric circles within yourself.

If you say those words to me, I already know I can’t help you with whatever we’re talking about, because you’ve decided (and I respect your choice) that you’re going to tolerate whatever problem you’ve got.

And that’s a real shame, because we both know, it won’t go away on its own.

I know it’s a coping mechanism, a way to get through the week, you’re just trying to live your life.

But at the end of the day, tolerating stuff, just keeps you stuck.

I can talk about this with clients in detail because I’ve had so much experience of it over the years – with myself!

I can also say; opening pandora’s bs box, admitting you need to do something about a problem, takes courage and then strategy, so that you don’t end up fuelling the fire of self-loathing.

So my advice to you right now, is to start noticing when you hear yourself saying something like ‘it’s not that bad’

It might also be disguised and show up as;

“I’m fine” (usually accompanied by an avoidance of eye contact, lol)
“I’ve no real reason to feel like this”
“I’ve been through worse”

These are all alarms and warning lights that come on when something is being ignored, missed, tolerated at the expense of your life experience!

Before you decide whether you’re going to change your mind on that, or not. Before you decide what you might be able to do about it, try to notice when it appears and ask yourself if it’s really true.

I’m here ready to help you with the rest.

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