May 2020

I remember asking what it would be like, to jump out of an aeroplane.

The instructor gave the textbook answer in a calm and reassuring voice, and then proceeded to continue the training for it. 

Truthfully, he didn’t know. He would never know.

He knew what it felt like for HIM to jump out of the plane.
But he couldn’t really answer for me. 

He didn’t know how my body, my brain would react. I had to experience that for myself. 

Sure, you can hypothesis, you can prepare for it, even watch videos of others doing it and almost feel like you’re right there.

But at the end of the day, as I floated down to the ground, the instructors voice crackling over the radio, it was my experience
(and I was so glad to have him there!).

Don’t let anyone -ever- tell you what you’re going to feel or experience, in menopause.

Sure, we can talk about the common symptoms and the statistics and the ‘many women feel…’
Yes that can be useful to get an idea. But it isn’t set in stone.

They might know you well, you might share some genes (or even jeans),
but your menopause is Your Menopause.

Some women describe it to me as if they’ve unwillingly jumped out of a plane and now desperately scrabbling around, trying to open their parachute.
Other women say they’ve finally found their own wings. 

And yeah, there’s plenty more in between.

When women say to me;
‘what can I expect to happen?’

I can reel off a list of all the biological goings-on.
I’m willing to bet my last avocado that you’ve already googled a few lists of symptoms.

But how if affects you, what symptoms you might get – I really can’t say for sure. Nobody can.

My job, my role, is to help you to prepare (because you really can prepare) and understand what’s happening. Then, even if it gets confusing and difficult, I’ll never leave you to fall.
I’ll help you deal with it.

I’m the reassuring voice, the calm in the storm, the voice of reason, the practical one with answers, and strategies grounded in science, not pulled from the clouds. 

Your menopause is yours, but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

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